ZEUS 65-140 (Variant)

ZEUS 65-140 Double depth VARIANT Telescopic fork – Load up to 650 Kg (1430 Lb)

Like every product from the LHD Group: this Load Handling Device has been designed by the LHD Engineering team and assembled by the LHD Manufacturing Team.

This is a double-engined double depth telescopic fork, each stroke is operated independently by an engine. It`s designated to the handling of heavy europallets with conventional shape. Despite its small size, this fork has a remarkable strength and an outstanding size/thoughness ratio. This equipment allows the customer to rely on excellent performances in the work cycles, bringing down the time needed for the depth shift. It`s an agile and reliable equipment, whose strong point is undoubtedly the operationg speed.

It dosen`t request to lay the load located in the single depth position on mounts, since the upper slide can operate alone.

To establish the size of these telescopic forks we suggest to consult LHD S.p.A.`s technical staff.

All LHD Group’s telescopic forks undergo accurate run tests and quality checks before delivery.


ZEUS 65-140 Telescopic fork VARIANT

Double depth – Load up to 650 Kg (1430 Lb)

  • Standard length: from 900 mm to 1500 mm
  • Stroke: from 1700 to 3000 mm
  • Load: up to 650 kg (1430 Lb)
  • Single depth cross section:  W x H = 175 x 65 mm
  • Double depth cross section:  W x H = 175 x 140 mm
  • Speed with load: 30 [m/min]
  • Acceleration with load: 0,5 [m/s2]

ZEUS 65-140 model can be supplied with following combination:

  • Eccentric lift unit
  • Telescopic forks with variable axis (with only one or with both telescopic forks)
  • LHD Transfer
  • Pallet handling
  • Stacker crane AS/RS
  • AGV / RGV / LGV
  • Shuttle/transfer station
  • Combined for long product (steel bars)
  • Cantilever
  • Food and beverage industry (stainless steel)
  • Cold storage (down to -30º special treatment and materials