ZEUS 85 Double Depth Telescopic Fork – Load up to 150 Kg (330 Lb)

Like every product from the LHD Group: this Load Handling Device has been designed by the LHD Engineering team and assembled by the LHD Manufacturing Team.

Being the double depth version of the ARES 40, the ZEUS 85 is particularly fit for those applications with a small required space of the slides. The fixed body consists of parts made of a steel/aluminium compound; hence, the total weight of the device is limited.

The ZEUS 85 is recommended as single fork with a larger plate installed on top, for handling small carton or plastic boxes within the miniload sector.

We recommend to consult the technical LHD S.p.A. staff before making this choice.

All LHD Group’s telescopic forks undergo accurate run tests and quality checks before delivery.


ZEUS 85 – Telescopic Fork
Double depth – Load up to 150 Kg (330 Lb)

  • Standard length: from 450 mm to 1250 mm
  • Double depth stroke: from 900 to 2085 mm
  • Load: up to 150 kg (330 Lb)
  • Cross Section:  W x H = 250 x 85 mm
  • Speed with load: 30 [m/min]
  • Acceleration with load: 0,5 [m/s2]
  • Eccentric lift unit
  • Telescopic forks with variable axis (with only one or with both telescopic forks)
  • LHD Transfer
  • Miniload
  • Handling carton or plastic box
  • Stacker crane AS/RS
  • AGV / RGV / LGV