Combined Telescopic forks

BELT SYSTEM with Telescopic Fork LHD Group Load Handling Devices


PHOEBUS with Telescopic fork, Single depth - MINILOAD Load up to 100 Kg (220 Lb) Designed for backing up the Telescopic forks, the lateral belt conveyor allows moving the loads onboard simultaneously. The fork set can pick up the load from the shelf, and then the PHOEBUS can lay it down in the unloading bay with no further need of telescopic stroke. The number of belts can be redoubled, thus making it even more flexible and versatile - it can also handle a double load onboard. Therefore, it’s possible to halve the operation time by handling two loads at once.  The same system can involve chains instead of belts, for handling way bigger loads with the same benefits. Like every product from the LHD Group: this Load Handling Device has been designed by the LHD Engineering team and assembled by the LHD Manufacturing Team. All LHD Group’s telescopic forks undergo accurate run tests and quality checks before delivery.


PROMETHEUS – Load up to 1000 Kg Being normally employed onboard a shuttle or AGV, this equipment allows the fork group to get the load released in the picking phase. Usually the standard lifting height is 100 mm; nevertheless, it`s possible to adjust it according to the customer`s needs. The PROMETHEUS equipment is operated through a conveniently powered leverage system and roll chains with tensioners. This equipment is more powerful than precise, and it`s fit for applications that need high repeatability and frequent work cycles rather than a great precision of the movement. Because of its chain transmission, it`s more affordable as for the price, but it requires more maintenance than the gear lift.


ATLAS and GEMINI – Load up to 1000 Kg In the sector of linear movement and additional lifting axis (Z-axis) sometimes in addition to the normal horizontal stroke of the telescopic forks is needed. This device consists of a GEAR LIFT that`s designed to assure power, precision and reliability to the fork group in the picking phase. Stability and keeping the coplanarity are the strong point of this equipment. Generally the standard lifting height is 100 mm, but it`s possible to adjust it according to the customer`s needs. The ATLAS and GEMINI are operated through eccentric cams that are runned by induction-hardened gear trains. A benefit of this solution is the great precision, as well as the transmission system that, unlike the ATLAS and GEMINILIFT, requires no regulations and little maintenance.


ATLAS 2.0– Load up to 2000 Kg Way more powerful than ATLAS 1000, this equipment can rely on a very solid and though structure that assure great precision and reliability even when picking up heavy and unwieldy loads. Designed on the basis of highly precise mechanical parameters, this LIFT allows operating with very small tolerances on a remarkably long lifetime. Just like the ATLAS  1000, this equipment is operated through eccentric cams that are runned by an induction-hardened gear train. The ATLAS 2.0 is particularly fit for applications where high efficiency in work cycles, high repeatability  and great precision by picking and dropping are required.


Telescopic fork with VARIAXIS In many automated warehouses, due to productive reasons, the handling of different types of loads (and thus of different containers) may be needed. With a set of forks having fixed inter-axis, the handling of only one specific kind of loads is allowed. Instead, it`s possible to handle different kinds of loads by installing under the fork set an ADJUSTABLE INTER-AXIS SYSTEM. It`s a relatively simple system that makes the stocking operation more flexible and versatile. A motor operates a system of screws with recirculating balls and prismatic rails; it`s possible to shift only one fork, or both of them symmetrically. It`s provided as extra equipment; however, it has to be established along with LHD`s technical staff, since it`s not possible to install it at a later stage. The shift movement of adjusting the inter-axis is very quick and it`s programmed to occur in masked time. The VARIAXIS can be applied to all LHD telescopic forks, even to inclined forks designed for handling coils.


APOLLO – Load up to 1000 Kg This is a compound system (telescopic forks + conveyor), designed to implement the handling functionality. With closed forks, the conveyor lifts, allowing to handle the pallet separately. The benefits of this peculiar kind of equipment are: Reduction of the cycles times within the automated warehouses, since it`s possible to set down the load in the unloading bay by means of the conveyor without using forks; Improving the positioning of the load on the shelf, since it`s possible to align the load to the forks in masked time, in order to set it down always in the same position.